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The purpose of any restaurant kitchen ventilation system to extract heat, grease and other vapors that are generated within a kitchen to keep the kitchen running safely and efficiently. At we supply all of the necessary components to build the restaurant ventilation system, from hoods to fans that you need to ensure your kitchen runs smoothly and within local codes.

A kitchen hood system is made up of a few key components to ensure proper airflow is circulated through the kitchen to capture the smoke, steam, heat, grease and other food related vapors into the system.

The heart of any restaurant kitchen ventilation system is the exhaust or vent fan, at we offer a wide selection of upblast exhaust fans designed to pull all of the heat, grease and other kitchen related vapors into the system’s ductwork and vertically away from the building.

A kitchen vent hood is placed over the heating element in your restaurant to collect all of the heat and grease immediately from the source. Baffle filters are placed within your restaurant vent hood to filter as much of the grease as possible to prevent it from entering your ventilation system’s ductwork. The type of stove, oven or grill you are operating within your kitchen will determine what type of baffle filter is necessary to ensure safe and efficient operation of your restaurant kitchen ventilation system.

The remaining smoke, heat and grease that makes its way past the baffle filter and through the restaurant vent hood will enter into the ductwork of your system. Once it enters the ductwork it will make its way towards the kitchen vent fan and eventually out of the building. A restaurant hood/ventilation system can be made up of one vent hood and one exhaust fan, or multiple restaurant vent hoods and fans connected through a system of multiple ducts. The type of system you require will depend on the size of your kitchen, the number of heating elements you have and where they are located.

It is important that your restaurant exhaust fan is installed with a hinged cover that has the ability to open from the top. In order to operate a safe and code compliant system, it is important to be able to clean the kitchen ventilation fan and ductwork from the top down to clear any residual grease that may collect in the ductwork system. This will keep the potential for fire hazards low and your kitchen’s building safe. It is recommended to install top of the line baffle filters to keep the grease residue to a minimum, but even with the best baffle filters some residue is inevitable and the system will need to be cleaned.

A make-up air unit is another necessary component of any restaurant kitchen ventilation system. Along with the heat, grease and food related vapors, the exhaust fan is also suctioning air out of your restaurant kitchen that needs to be replaced. The make-up air unit brings in fresh, clean air to circulate through your kitchen and “make up” for the air that is being suctioned out by the fan.

At quality assurance and customer service are our top priority. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready and available to help you through the entire process of building a safe and efficient restaurant kitchen ventilation system. We are available by phone or live-chat to answer any questions you have and ensure that your restaurant ventilation system fulfills the specific requirements of your restaurant kitchen.