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EZ Kleen Air Filters

Reusable Make Up Air Filter

Looking for a cleanable air filtration filter you can depend on? EZ Kleen metal mesh air filters are great for use with heating and cooling systems, combination systems, and make up air units. The EZ Kleen metal mesh filter is constructed of aluminum and is completely washable and reusable.

EZ Kleen metal mesh filters are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments and can be used as a make up air filter or supply fan filter in a variety of commercial or residential applications including restaurants and commercial kitchens.

Superior Performance

If you’re looking for an effective metal mesh filter, the EZ Kleen offers precision and high quality design for exceptional efficiency and offers superior performance at varying velocities of up to 650 fpm.They meet all UL Class 2 filter requirements and offer high efficiency and arrestance of airborne dust and dirt to help keep the air clean and free of contaminants as well as protect your HVAC components from particle buildup that might reduce the efficiency of your equipment or worse, cause breakdowns.

EZ Kleen metal mesh air filters are affordably priced without giving up on quality. The bonded aluminum construction prevents rust and corrosion. The EZ Kleen air filter is durable but lightweight so they are easy to install and remove for cleaning and maintenance. EZ Kleen air filters are available in a variety of sizes and in 1” or 2” thickness. They come standard with our CaptiveAire make up air supply units. Our economy units do not have an air intake so they do not require a filter. Replacement HVAC filters for supply fans can also be purchased separately.