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Downblast exhaust fans, also called downblast roof ventilators, are designed to provide continuous exhaust of stale indoor air. They are often used to help ventilate restaurants, offices, schools, manufacturing and warehouse buildings.

Downblast fans are not for use with commercial cooking ventilation systems that exhaust smoke and grease. If you need an exhaust fan for grease applications such as for use with a commercial kitchen, you’ll need an upblast exhaust fan instead. carries both direct drive and belt drive downblast fans. Belt driven fan motors are not directly connected to the fan’s blades. The fan blades of a direct drive downblast ventilator are attached directly to the shaft of the motor. They have fewer moving parts and are very energy efficient, requiring minimal maintenance.

Direct drive downblast exhaust fans are considered more economical for low volume CFMs of 2,000 or less with moderate to high static pressure. They require less maintenance than belt drive fans and provide the convenience of variable speed control. Belt drive downblast exhaust fans, however, may be the best choice for CFMs higher than 2,000 or for high temperature applications.

If you are looking for a downblast exhaust fan for your restaurant or commercial building, it is important to select the one that is right for your facility. Choosing the wrong type or size exhaust fan can result in problems with efficiency, safety, and comfort.

Select from our wide variety of options for downblast exhaust fans. We carry many sizes of direct drive and belt drive downblast roof ventilators with capacities ranging from 300 CFM to 13,000 CFM. They are all AMCA Certified and made in the United States.

The durable and weather resistant, rust-free aluminum construction ensures years of uninterrupted continuous use with high efficiency and quiet operation. While they are typically roof mounted, any of our direct drive exhaust fans and any belt drive downblast fan with wheels of 24" or less may be wall mounted.

If you aren’t sure which downblast exhaust fan you need, our products specialists can help you determine which model is right for you.