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Find upblast exhaust fans at HoodFilters.com. These fans are suitable for all commercial cooking operations ranging from small food truck kitchens to large scale restaurants, hotels, universities and service providers.

At HoodFilters.com we offer a selection of top-of-the-line upblast exhaust fans to power your restaurant kitchen ventilation system. We carry both direct drive and belt drive upblast fans.

The difference between direct drive upblast fans and belt drive upblast fans can be found in the mechanics. Direct drive upblast exhaust fans are designed so the motor is attached directly to the fan blade. This system is widely considered to be more efficient and has less moving parts, reducing the likelihood of needing repairs.

Belt-drive upblast exhaust fans use a belt-and-motor pulley to control the motor shaft. While the friction from the vibrations of this system is thought to cause inefficiencies, the lower price tag and quieter operation make this fan a popular choice. Both direct drive and belt drive exhaust fans will provide the necessary upblast air suction required to ventilate the heat, smoke and grease out of your commercial kitchen.

HoodFilters.com has you covered whether your preference is to operate your kitchen ventilation system with a direct drive upblast fan or a belt drive upblast fan. All of our upblast exhaust fan models are ETL listed and comply with the UL 705 Electrical Standards and the UL762 Standards to meet the local codes of your kitchen. Our upblast exhaust fans bear the AMCA ratings seal for sound and air performance and meet the standards of the NFPA 96 Fire Codes set for ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations.

At HoodFilters.com we offer EconAir Upblast Exhaust Fans made with a strong heavy gauge aluminum housing and a galvanized steel base. The spun aluminum centrifugal roof exhausters are engineered to discharge grease laden vapors, fumes and other kitchen contaminants vertically away from the building.

The fan wheels on all of our upblast exhaust fans are aerodynamically designed to minimize turbulence, increase efficiency and reduce noise. The wheels are balanced in two planes in accordance with the AMCA Standard 204-96, Balance Quality and Vibration Levels for Fans.

The corners of the galvanized steel fan base are welded to provide the required strength and support for hinging and cleaning, while also preventing any leakage into the building. A factory-tested aluminum grease spout is welded to the fan’s housing to ensure it will not leak.

At HoodFilters.com we take pride in offering safe, durable and efficient products to our customers at affordable prices. Shop our selection of up blast exhaust fans today.