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  • Why Do You Need
    A Duct Access Door

    In this short video, you will learn why installing duct access doors in your ventilation duct system is so important to your commercial kitchen and restaurant business.

    Why Do You Need A Duct Access Door - Video

  • Exhaust Hood
    Grease Cups

    Let the professionals at HoodFilters.com introduce you to exhaust hood grease cups, and why they're necessary in your commercial kitchens.

    Exhaust Hood Grease Cups - Video

  • Duct Access Door

    Review the applications and benefits of the three major grease duct access door brands on the market in this short video from the experts at HoodFilters.com.

    Duct Access Door Comparison - Video

  • Canopy Hood Lights

    Learn about our wide selection of canopy hood lights and why they are essential to your commercial kitchen hood system.

    Canopy Hood Lights Overview - Video

  • How To Measure
    A Fan Belt?

    Fan belts eventually wear out. This video provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to measure for a replacement fan belt in your ventilation system.

    How To Measure A Fan Belt? - Video

  • Restaurant Exhaust Fan
    Access Port Tutorial

    Watch this video to learn how an exhaust fan access port can save you both time and money by providing easier access to fan blades.

    Restaurant Exhaust Fan Access Port Tutorial - Video

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