This easy-to-use calculator will help you determine the size and quantity of filters needed to fill your hood system opening. Just 3 easy steps...

1. Select Filter Type:

2. Enter the Horizontal Width of Your Hood Opening: inches.Measure from the INSIDE far left (where the filters appear to slide in) to the INSIDE far right.

3. Choose the Vertical Height of Your Hood Opening: Measure from the INSIDE bottom (where the filters appear to slide in) to the INSIDE top.

Here's What You Need...

_ - _ x 16 filters

_ - _ x 20 filters

_ - _ x 25 filters

Horizontal Width of Hood Opening: _"

Total Horizontal Width of Hood Filters: _"

Leftover Space: _"

If you have more than 1.5" of leftover space, you can purchase hood filter spacers to cover the area. Filter spacers are available in custom widths up to 6" wide.

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IMPORTANT: Horizontal measurement should just be the area that needs to be filled by the hood filters. Keep in mind that you’ll need extra space to get filters in and out of the hood.

Please double check your measurements to avoid returns and additional costs. is not responsible for ordering errors or improper measurements.