Rooftop Grease Containment Systems

  • Grease Trap

    Grease Trap
    • Economical grease containment rack systems
    • 3 sizes available for low to high volume discharge
    • Grease pillows catch grease while allowing water to pass through
  • Grease Gutter

    Grease Gutter
    • 360 degree duct design provides complete protection
    • Single sided design available if 360 doesn't fit
    • Easy to use one-piece replacement absorbent
    • Constructed with UL approved materials
  • Grease Box

    Grease Box
    • 3 tier design to better manage the flow of water and grease
    • Patented polypropylene grease aborbent pillows that only absorb grease
    • Available in 3 types for low, regular, and high volume grease discharge


  • Replacement Grease Pillows & Booms

    Replacement Grease Pillows & Booms

    • Absorbents of Grease Containment Systems
    • All Types and Sizes
    • Easy to Replace
  • Grease Catcher

    Grease Catcher
    • Economical and uncomplicated grease containment solutions
    • Lightweight 
    • Will not rust
    • 3 sizes available
    • Easy to install and easy to replace absorbent pillows
  • Grease Interceptor System (Filterless)

    Grease Interceptor System (Filterless)

    • Capture exhaust fan grease without the need for power or a filter medium
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Simplifies hood cleaning process
    • No moving parts - virtually maintenance free

Grease Containment Products

Grease Containment

How important is grease containment? If you have a commercial cooking operation, rooftop grease damage is something that needs to be dealt with. Fats, oils, and grease are discharged from your upblast hood exhaust fan and collects on your roof. This creates a deadly fire hazard and liability for your business. Also, since your business can be held responsible for polluted storm water systems and grease runoff, rooftop grease containment is something you need to control.

Rooftop grease containment options come in the form of grease catchers, grease boxes, grease traps, and grease gutters. These systems are all designed for roof grease containment and we guarantee the lowest price on these items. Grease pillows can be ordered with the traps or separately. In addition, we offer miscellaneous grease products, like grease socks, wall mounted units, grease duct access doors, and adapters, to further control your kitchen’s grease. Even installing a hinge kit on your exhaust fan can help decrease the risk of damaged fan bases and broken seals where grease can leak and cause extra expenses from roof grease damage.

There are many different safety and environmental issues facing the restaurant industry by state and government agencies. As a restaurant owner, you are required to comply with the state and federal requirements regarding your kitchen hood, ,exhaust hood filters, and grease control. If you want to avoid roof damage or failure, fire, fines, and interior damage, rooftop grease control is the first step. Protecting your business from roof grease damage with our grease containment systems is an investment in your business that you can’t afford not to make.

From grease catchers and grease boxes to hinge kits and pavement protection systems, we have everything you need to protect your kitchen from grease damage and fire.