Rooftop Grease Containment Systems

  • Grease Trap

    Grease Trap
    • Economical grease containment rack systems
    • 3 sizes available for low to high volume discharge
    • Grease pillows catch grease while allowing water to pass through
  • Grease Gutter

    Grease Gutter
    • 360 degree duct design provides complete protection
    • Single sided design available if 360 doesn't fit
    • Easy to use one-piece replacement absorbent
    • Constructed with UL approved materials
  • Grease Box

    Grease Box
    • 3 tier design to better manage the flow of water and grease
    • Patented polypropylene grease aborbent pillows that only absorb grease
    • Available in 3 types for low, regular, and high volume grease discharge


  • Replacement Grease Pillows & Booms

    Replacement Grease Pillows & Booms

    • Absorbents of Grease Containment Systems
    • All Types and Sizes
    • Easy to Replace
  • Grease Catcher

    Grease Catcher
    • Economical and uncomplicated grease containment solutions
    • Lightweight 
    • Will not rust
    • 3 sizes available
    • Easy to install and easy to replace absorbent pillows
  • Grease Interceptor System (Filterless)

    Grease Interceptor System (Filterless)

    • Capture exhaust fan grease without the need for power or a filter medium
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Simplifies hood cleaning process
    • No moving parts - virtually maintenance free