Popular Hood Cleaning Products

  • Duct Access Doors

    Duct Access Doors
    • Flat and curved access doors for grease duct and high temp applications
    • UL Listed / NFPA 96 Compliant
    • Grease-proof, airtight, and fire-tight fit
  • Spray Guns

    Spray Guns
    • High pressure trigger spray guns
    • Straight, bent, and flexible wand extensions
  • High Pressure Hoses

    High Pressure Hoses
    • Non-marking smooth cover
    • 35 to 125ft options available
    • Rated to 250 degrees F
  • Floor Dryers

    Floor Dryers
    • Floor and Carpet dryers
    • Warranty included/li>

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Hood Cleaning Supplies

Find the most complete line of hood cleaning supplies at HoodFilters.com. We proudly work with top manufacturers of restaurant exhaust hood cleaner products from all over North America. We are continually expanding our inventory to offer the strongest, safest and most affordable products possible. Our line of hood cleaner supplies and equipment include duct access doors, hinge kits, plastic sheeting, magnets and rooftop grease containment solutions.

Eliminating fire hazards is the number one objective of cleaning any kitchen ventilation system. So we offer all the hood cleaning products and hood cleaning supplies necessary to efficiently clean any restaurant hood system. HoodFilters.com offers a wide selection of duct access doors and hinge kits to allow access into the ductwork system for thorough cleaning. All of our grease duct access doors meet NFPA 96 fire code standards.

During a hood and ventilation system cleaning, hazardous materials from grease residue are removed. At HoodFilters.com we recognize the importance of preventing any contamination of kitchen equipment and provide plastic sheeting in bulk. Plastic sheeting is one of the most important hood cleaning products we sell. We carry polyethylene sheeting to protect any kitchen equipment that can’t be removed for cleaning. Our plastic sheeting comes in various dimensions and constructions to provide ultimate coverage. Plastic sheeting is sold by the pallet and we offer discounts for bulk purchases..

For more efficient plastic hanging, we carry GripLoc Super Strength magnets. This hood cleaning product was designed by a hood cleaner, for hood cleaners. The GripLoc Super Strength magnets will save you time and money over the long haul. These multi surface magnets allow you to quickly and easily hang plastic sheeting anywhere in the kitchen. These hood cleaning magnets have 200 times the pulling power of regular magnets and are strong enough to work through stainless steel. The days of duct tape are over, making for more efficient hood cleaning jobs, you can hang plastic in seconds.

We also carry a large selection of grease pillows and filters for grease containment systems that need to be replaced with every hood cleaning. If you have clients who operate a high-volume kitchen, we recommend you use 360-degree grease protection on their grease fans with a hi-capacity Grease Gutter. The Grease Gutter is the perfect solution for high discharge grease fans and is built to accommodate the heavy volume of grease produced by char-boiling and frequent fryer usage.

At HoodFilters.com we understand the importance of commercial kitchen ventilation system cleaning and maintenance. We provide all of the hood cleaner supplies and hood cleaning products necessary to ensure a smooth and efficient cleaning operation.