Food Truck Exhaust Fans

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Food Truck Exhaust Fans

Cooking in a food truck? What you need to know.

You need food truck exhaust fans that comply with local code. food truck systems are code-compliant. is your one-stop shop to building a strong, durable and code-compliant food truck hood system. When operating a food truck, it is important to make sure that your truck restaurant’s ventilation system meets the compliance standards of local codes in every location you plan to operate.

We keep safety and compliance as our top priority and all products that we carry meet the highest standards and certifications, including our food truck exhaust fans and hoods.

The food truck exhaust hoods and food truck exhaust fans that we carry have been specifically designed to cater to mobile kitchen operations. We specialize in EconAir direct drive exhaust fans that are ETL listed and comply with UL 762 standards. All of our food truck exhaust fans also meet the NFPA 96 Fire Code standards set for ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations.

Our EconAir food truck exhaust fans feature a low profile shaft wrapper and through-bolt mount motor support that have been designed with durability in mind to sustain daily food truck operations. These direct drive exhaust fans are built for efficiency and mobility.

At we understand that space and capacity are crucial components to designing a food truck exhaust fan system. The low-proximity food truck exhaust hoods that we supply have been built to maximize the confined quarters of your food truck while ventilating your truck’s kitchen quickly, efficiently and safely.

Our food truck exhaust hoods will trap and extract the grease and heat that you cook up to keep your kitchen safe and ventilated. All of our food truck exhaust hoods are tested to meet the UL 710 compliance standard.

At our food truck exhaust fans and hoods are built to work seamlessly together to create the proper ventilation your food truck needs in compliance with local code. Our low-profile, low-proximity system maximizes the space and efficiency you need to run a successful food truck business. We take pride in offering top of the line products at the most competitive prices around. Any one of our trained customer service professionals can help you get the products and equipment you need today to ensure your food truck ventilation needs are met.