Hood Filter Accessories

  • Filter Spacers

    Filter Spacers
    • Used to fill uncovered space in the hood system opening after installing hood filters
    • Cheaper alternative to custom sized hood filters
    • Available in aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel
  • Filter Hooks

    Filter Hooks
    • Keep filters in place with easy to install filter hooks
    • Two types of filter hooks available for use with either welded or riveted hood filters
  • Hood Filter Lifting Tool

    Hood Filter Lifting Tool
    • The perfect solution for easily removing hood filters
    • Prongs adust to fit most hood filter brands and sizes



  • Filter Cleaning Chemicals

    Filter Cleaning Chemicals
    • Cleaning agents for easy and thorough cleaning of baffle hood filters
    • Quarts and gallons available
  • Hood Filter Soak Tanks

    Hood Filter Soak Tanks
    • The easy way to clean baffle hood filters
    • Minimize labor
    • Ensure thorough cleaning
  • FOG Tank

    FOG Tank
    • FREE Shipping
    • 40, 80 & 120 Gallon Options
    • Fully Insulated

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