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  • 16" x 16" x 2" Captrate Solo Hood Filter

    Suggested Price: $153.75

    Our Price: $123.00

  • 16" x 20" x 2" Captrate Solo Hood Filter

    Suggested Price: $178.75

    Our Price: $143.00

  • 20" x 16" x 2" Captrate Solo Hood Filter

    Suggested Price: $166.25

    Our Price: $133.00

  • 20" x 20" x 2" Captrate Solo Hood Filter

    Suggested Price: $192.50

    Our Price: $154.00

CaptiveAire Grease Filters

High Efficiency Grease Filters for Your Commercial Kitchen

CaptiveAire Captrate Solo grease filters provide reliable single-stage grease extraction for commercial kitchen exhaust hoods. The Captrate Solo filter features a single unit assembly that durable, effective and both easy to clean and maintain.

Benefits of the Captrate Solo Grease Filters

Captrate Grease-Stop Solo hood filters remove a very high percentage of your commercial cooking grease particulate emissions. The filter is very effective at draining oil and grease away which reduces your fire risk.

Captrate Solo grease filters can also be used as a spark arrestor hood filter that limits the passage of airborne sparks, embers, and flames into hood plenums and grease ducts. Spark arrestor filters are generally required for any cooking applications that may produce tall flames generated by solid fuel. The Captrate Solo is a popular choice for use with woks, grills, and gas cooktops.

By capturing and containing more grease in your hood filter, you will also reduce the amount of maintenance and cleaning needed to deal with grease build-up on your exhaust hood plenums, duct work, exhaust fan assemblies, and kitchen surfaces and floor.

Built to Last, Designed to Perform

Constructed of shiny 430 stainless steel, these baffle grease filters are as attractive as they are durable. They are corrosion-resistant, stand up to elevated temperatures, and have the structural integrity needed for heavy use, handling, cleaning and maintenance in a commercial kitchen.

Every commercial kitchen knows the importance of safety and you can depend on Captrate Solo grease filters to meet the required fire and safety regulations for your facility. They are NFPA rated and ETL listed to UL Standard 1046 which makes them the perfect choice for installing in your Type 1 grease hood.

The single-stage Captrate Solo hood filter features a very unique design that is the secret behind its exceptional filtration efficiency. It has a unique S-baffle design with vertical rows that works together with a slotted rear baffle with horizontal rows. Together they remove at least 75% of all grease particles just 5 microns in size, and 90% of all grease particles that are 7 microns in size. In fact, Captrate Solo hood filters have three times the grease capture ability of standard baffle hood filters!

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Thanks to their lightweight, single unit assembly design, Captrate Solo filters are easy to keep properly cleaned and maintained for years of optimal performance and trouble-free operation. There are no components to separate before cleaning. Just wash in your dishwasher or soak overnight in a hood filter soak cart. Their ease of cleaning and maintenance, combined with their stellar performance, makes the Captrate Solo a great hood filter choice not only for restaurants but for mobile kitchens, food truck hoods, and concession trailers.  

Stand Up to Greasy Kitchen Exhaust

Captrate Solo grease hood filters are available in standard baffle hood filter sizes and will fit into most existing commercial kitchen hood systems that use standard 2" deep filters. If you need a filter that can stand up to heavy use and daily cleaning, this innovative stainless steel baffle grease filter from CaptiveAire is just what you’re looking for.