Food Truck Exhaust Hood and Fan Systems

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Food Truck and Concession Trailer Exhaust Hood and Fan Systems 

Perhaps you are planning to open a food truck or concession trailer. Or maybe you need to replace a broken exhaust hood or fan in your existing setup? You’ve come to the right place. Food truck and concession trailer exhaust hood and fan systems are used over cooking appliances in mobile kitchens to remove harmful smoke and grease laden exhaust from your kitchen. In addition, they can also help keep your kitchen cooler by exhausting hot air.

Designed for Small Spaces and Built to Last

With limited space in your food truck or concession trailer, it’s important to know that you’re using equipment that is designed for small kitchens. Our exhaust hood and fan packages for food truck or concession trailers feature a compact and efficient design with superior exhaust flow rates and grease extraction for even the busiest of kitchens. Thanks to their low profile design, our food truck hoods can be placed more closely to cooking appliances. They fit perfectly in mobile kitchens, working great over all types of cook tops including woks, griddles, grills, and burners.

Our food truck upblast exhaust fans are designed with a low profile shaft wrapper to help your vehicle stay within any height requirements and avoid potential issues while in transit. The high speed, direct drive upblast exhaust fans come with a roof mount bracket and with variable speed control that allows you to easily change the speed of your fan so you only use what you need.

These concession trailer hood and fan packages are built to last. The low profile food truck hoods we carry are constructed of durable 430 stainless steel and the exhaust fans are constructed of spun aluminum. Our hood and fan packages are NSF certified, UL listed, ETL approved, meet all NFPA fire codes, and are compatible with fire suppression systems for food trucks and concession trailers.

You’ll be glad to know that our food truck and concession trailer hood and fan systems are easy to operate. They also come standard with everything you need: Kleen-Gard stainless steel grease baffle filters, left and right quarter end panels, and a ½ pint grease cup for collecting grease drainage from the hood. We carry food truck hoods in lengths from 4 to 10 feet long and our variable speed food truck and concession trailer exhaust fans range from 300 CFM to 2500 CFM. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Exhaust Hood and Fan for Your Food Truck or Concession Trailer

We know how important the your food truck or mobile kitchen is to you. Making sure that you have the right ventilation equipment installed is an important step in making sure your business is a success. When you buy your food truck or concession trailer exhaust fan and hood package from you can rest assured knowing that your ventilation system equipment will be the right size, the right fit, and at the right price.

If you need help deciding what size or type of food truck exhaust hood and fan system you need, just give us a call or chat with us online. Our product specialists are here to help make sure you get the exhaust hood and fan system you need at the best price guaranteed.