Makeup Air Fans & HVAC

  • Make-Up Air Units

    Make-Up Air Units
    • Capacities ranging from 2000 to 5500 CFM
    • Open drip proof
    • Down discharge - airflow right -> left
    • Optional Sloped Filtered Intake and EZ Filters
  • Air Duct Access Doors

    Air Duct Access Doors
    • Easy Installation & Operation
    • Rugged 22 guage galvanized steel construction
    • Corrosion resistant zinc plated nuts, bolts, springs
  • EZ Kleen Air Filters

    EZ Kleen Air Filters
    • Metal Mesh filter for supply intake
    • High Performance
    • Bonded aluminum media for superior durability and strength
    • Meets UL Class 2 filter requirements
  • Pollution Control Filters

    Pollution Control Filters
    • Odor control filter designed for pollution control units.
    • Eliminates or reduces odors generated by commercial cooking equipment.
    • Not compatible with HVAC systems.
    • High efficiency Merv 15 filter designed for pollution control units.
    • Rated/Tested Velocity: 211 fpm
    • 24 Gauge Galvanized Steel Frame.
    • Not compatible with HVAC systems.
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Filters

    Stainless Steel Mesh Filters
    • Seven layers of expanded stainless steel mesh contained in an extra heavy frame
    • Ideal for extreme heat situations in both air and grease filtration applications
    • Allows for cleaner exhaust and longer fan and motor life
  • Aluminum Mesh Filters

    Aluminum Mesh Filters
    • High overall performance at varying velocities
    • Bonded aluminum media provides strength and durability
    • Meets UL Class 2 filter requirements
  • Pleated Air Filters

    Pleated Air Filters
    • Effective for both odor removal and as particulate filter
    • Pleated design increases surface area of carbon exposed to air flow
    • Won't sag or collapse - even under extreme humidity
    • Double-walled, die-cut, beverage board frame
  • Air Filter Spray

    Air Filter Spray
    • Enhances filter performance and efficiency
    • Makes filter cleaning easy
    • Works with disposable or washable filters