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    Popular Hood Cleaning Products

    • Flame Gard Access Doors

      Flame Gard Access Doors
      • Flat and curved access doors for grease duct and high temp applications
      • UL Listed / NFPA 96 Compliant
      • Grease-proof, airtight, and fire-tight fit
    • Spray Guns

      Spray Guns
      • High pressure trigger spray guns
      • Straight, bent, and flexible wand extensions
    • High Pressure Hoses

      High Pressure Hoses
      • Non-marking smooth cover
      • 35 to 125ft options available
      • Rated to 250 degrees F
    • Scrapers & Blades

      Scrapers & Blades
      • 4" scraper blades
      • Scraper handles in 13", 18", and 26" lengths
      • Available in extra heavy-duty and heavy-duty
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    Hood Cleaning Supplies

    At HoodFilters.com, we proudly work with hundreds of kitchen exhaust cleaning companies from all over North America. Our constantly expanding line of hood cleaning supplies and equipment include duct spinners, high pressure hoses, hinge kits, rooftop grease containment solutions, and hood cleaning chemicals.

    Hood cleaning products and chemicals are necessary to get restaurant hoods clean. We offer stainless steel cleaner and protectant, and industrial strength hood and duct cleaner – Hood Kleen. This highly concentrated formula is used by professional hood cleaning contractors to not only get hoods back to pristine condition but extend the life of the kitchen hood too, something your clients are sure to appreciate.

    In addition to a clean hood, kitchens also need clean hood filters. A dirty filter will allow particles of dirt, dust, grease, and smoke to stay in your kitchen instead of being properly ventilated. In order to keep your hood filters clean, Filter-Kleen is a solution that can be used as a spray or dip tank solution. Cleaning filters regularly with our hood filter cleaning products will ensure that the kitchen you are cleaning will stay clean and the filter will last longer. The heavy duty cleaner is especially designed for commercial kitchen hood filters.

    When using these hood cleaner products, our heavy duty chemical resistant rubber gloves will keep your hands safe and chemical free. We also feature hood filter soak carts for those tough jobs that require a period of soaking. Between hood exhaust cleanings, soaking your dirty hood filter will ensure that proper airflow is maintained and that your hood is working to its full capacity.

    Having the right hood accessories for cleaning is the first step to ensuring that hoods and hood filters are clean and functioning properly. Find all the cleaning products you need – at a great price – with HoodFilters.com!

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