Filter Spray Adhesive 18 oz can (3 Pack)

18 oz. Filter Spray Adhesive for improved performance and easier cleaning of disposable or washable filters.

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Filter Spray Adhesive 18 oz can (3 Pack)

Filter Spray Adhesive 18 oz can (3 Pack)

This Filter Spray Adhesive is a non-oily, slightly tacky, water soluble liquid that can be applied to a variety of air filters to extend the mechanical impingement and improve performance. It also makes filter cleaning much easier.

Using the spray creates a positively charged surface that electrostatically attracts negatively charged particulate matter, such as pollen and sub-microscopic dust, that would normally not be captured by the filter. During cleaning, the Filter Spray Adhesive lifts dust and dirt away from the filter and allows contaminants to be easily washed away.

  • Enhances filter performance and efficiency
  • Makes filter cleaning easy

  • Works with all disposable and washable filters
  • NOTE: Spray should be applied to the air leaving side of the filter

*** Not for use with electronic air cleaner filters. ***

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