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  • 4' Type 2 Pizza Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,187.50

    Our Price: $950.00

  • 5' Type 2 Pizza Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,340.00

    Our Price: $1,072.00

  • 6' Type 2 Pizza Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,481.25

    Our Price: $1,185.00

  • 7' Type 2 Pizza Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,621.25

    Our Price: $1,297.00

  • 8' Type 2 Pizza Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,761.25

    Our Price: $1,409.00

Pizza Oven Hoods

If you have a pizza oven in your commercial kitchen, it requires some type of ventilation. There are different types of pizza oven exhaust hoods. Pizza hoods come in two types: Type 1 pizza oven hoods and Type 2 pizza hoods. Some pizza ovens need a ventilation system that can exhaust grease and oil vapors as well as heat and condensation. Other ovens only need kitchen ventilation hoods for heat and moisture.

The pizza oven hoods we carry are Type 2 hoods. Type 2 pizza hoods that exhaust heat, moisture, and odors. They cannot be used with wood burning ovens or with pizza ovens that require the use of a vent hood with a bay of baffle grease filters.

Our Type 2 pizza oven exhaust hoods do not have the ability to be used with hood filters. They are still useful and required to be installed over commercial pizza ovens via codes and regulations as well as by many insurance companies and building lease agents.

Pizza ovens that do not have pizza hoods installed can become problematic for the kitchen staff and patrons dining in your facility. In addition to avoiding fines from local authorities or being refused insurance coverage, there are three main benefits to installing pizza oven hoods.

  1. Temperature - The first, and most noticeable reason to install a pizza hood is to help maintain a comfortable temperature in your kitchen. Without any kitchen ventilation system installed, a pizza oven can quickly make the relatively confined space of a kitchen very warm, if not downright hot.

Even if you have other ventilation equipment in your kitchen, you can’t rely on hoods installed over other cooking appliances to do a job they aren’t designed for. Instead, make sure that you install pizza oven hoods over any pizza oven you have in your kitchen. This will help ensure a comfortable temperature for both the kitchen staff and the patrons in the dining areas.

  1. Moisture – Cooking pizza creates a lot of moisture. If that moisture isn’t capture and contained by a pizza hood, it will end up condensing on the ceilings, wall, floors, and other surfaces of your kitchen. Installing pizza oven exhaust hoods helps balance the humidity levels in your kitchen to keep that from happening.

Extreme kitchen humidity isn’t just uncomfortable; it’s dangerous. Lower humidity levels means less potential for mold growth on your kitchen surfaces, fewer slip hazards for staff, and even decreased food spoilage for dry goods stored in your kitchen. Air that has too much moisture can also throw off your HVAC system and wreak havoc on the comfort levels in your entire facility. Installing Type 2 pizza hoods in your kitchen is an easy way to avoid these problems.

  1. Odors – The last benefit of installing pizza oven exhaust hoods is the reduction in odors both in your kitchen and dining areas. Even if your kitchen serves only pizza, it’s likely that the toppings vary. And this means that the odors coming from the pizza oven will also vary. To help keep odors from becoming overwhelming, simply install pizza hoods over all of your ovens. offers Type 2 pizza hoods in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. They are constructed of 430 stainless steel and have some of the best exhaust flow rates in the industry. Each come with a Full perimeter gutter and a factory installed exhaust riser. Pre-punched hanging angles are located on each end of the hood.

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