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  • 3' Type 2 Condensate Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,008.75

    Our Price: $807.00

  • 3.6' Type 2 Condensate Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,123.75

    Our Price: $899.00

  • 4' Type 2 Condensate Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,175.00

    Our Price: $940.00

  • 5' Type 2 Condensate Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,288.75

    Our Price: $1,031.00

  • 6' Type 2 Condensate Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,403.75

    Our Price: $1,123.00

  • 7' Type 2 Condensate Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,531.25

    Our Price: $1,225.00

  • 8' Type 2 Condensate Hood

    Suggested Price: $1,646.25

    Our Price: $1,317.00

Condensate Hoods

Commercial kitchens get hot. They also get humid. How can you keep them more comfortable? The best way to keep moisture from building up is to install condensate hoods, which is a Type 2 hood designed for non-grease producing appliances.

Condensate hoods are great at controlling the levels of humidity and heat in your kitchen. Condenser cooker hoods also help with reducing cooking odors. They do this by capturing and exhausting moisture, steam, and heat produced by cooking and other kitchen appliances. Without a condensate hood, your restaurant can become hot, sticky, and very uncomfortable.

Moisture in restaurant kitchens comes from many different sources including steam tables, dishwashers, soup stations, cooktops, and grills. Condenser cooker hoods are the best way to get rid of that moisture. In addition to moisture, these kitchen appliances also create a lot of heat. And if that hot air is not exhausted, the temperature in a kitchen can become unbearable. Heat and condensation hoods are the key to comfort in commercial kitchens but they also offer health and safety benefits.

Without condenser cooker hoods, your kitchen and eventually your entire facility can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Mold is a serious issue that can become a critical health issue. Another potential danger is bacteria growth. Bacteria love warm, humid areas and can quickly proliferate if a condensation hood vent is not exhausting the hot, moisture-laden air from your kitchen.

In addition to helping you avoid potentially serious health risks for both your staff and your diners, condensate hoods will help make keep excess moisture from building up on your floor. Kitchen floors are already a slip hazard but with the addition of moisture buildup, they can become a true hazard. By installing a condensation hood vent you can help protect yourself from the liability and headache of dealing with slip and fall accidents that could easily have been avoided.

Heat and condensation hoods are good for business in many ways: comfort, health, and safety. But it may surprise you that by keeping the moisture levels down in your kitchen, these condenser cooker hoods do even more. If the humidity levels are too high in your kitchen it can affect many things. Food kept in dry storage may spoil faster. Baking processes can be affected. High humidity can also affect your equipment including premature rot and failure of rubber gaskets or rusting of components.

Condensate hoods are an essential part of your kitchen ventilation system and they are as important to your kitchen staff as they are to your customers. Don’t let a hot, humid kitchen negatively impact the success of your business. carries condenser cooker hoods that can help you manage and reduce the levels of humidity in your kitchen.

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