Grease Lock Disposable Grease Filters

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  • 16" x 16" Grease Lock Hood Filter

    Suggested Price: $101.23

    Our Price: $80.99

  • 16" x 20" Grease Lock Hood Filter

    Suggested Price: $104.98

    Our Price: $83.99

  • 20" x 16" Grease Lock Hood Filter

    Suggested Price: $109.98

    Our Price: $87.99

  • 20" x 20" Grease Lock Hood Filter

    Suggested Price: $112.48

    Our Price: $89.99

  • 16" x 16" Grease Lock Disposable Filter

    Suggested Price: $300.00

    Our Price: $240.00

  • 16" x 20" Grease Lock Disposable Filter

    Suggested Price: $300.00

    Our Price: $240.00

  • 20" x 20" Grease Lock Disposable Filter

    Suggested Price: $300.00

    Our Price: $240.00

  • Grease Lock Filter Mounting Tool

    Suggested Price: $100.00

    Our Price: $80.00

Grease Lock Disposable Grease Filters

Grease Lock Filter Disposable Baffle Grease Filter System

Does it feel like you’re always removing, cleaning, and then replacing your baffle grease hood filters – monthly, weekly, even nightly? Are you looking for ways to save money, time, or just be more environmentally sustainable as a company? The Grease Lock disposable grease filter system may be just what you have been looking for.

Revolutionary Grease Filter Design

The patented Grease Lock Filter system is like no other commercial kitchen hood filter system available on the market. The multi-stage filter combines the stability of a heavy duty standard baffle type grease filter housing with a high efficiency disposable fiber filter that can capture and contain up to 98% of airborne grease particles before it ever enters your kitchen exhaust system grease ducts.

The first stage of grease extraction is the disposable grease pre-filter pad, which is held in place by a custom holding frame. It is constructed of a unique heat resistant fiber that delivers exceptional performance and unparalleled grease filtration efficiency. The all-natural, environmentally sustainable filter fiber is fire resistant and is designed to blend in visually with the stainless steel color of your existing exhaust vent hood for a pleasing look even in open kitchen layouts.

Once the Grease Lock pre-filter has blocked 98% of the airborne grease particles, the exhausted air continues through a UL 1046 listed, stainless steel, 1” baffle type grease filter for a second stage of grease removal. Thanks to its retrofit capabilities, the Grease Lock filter assembly will also fit in most commercial kitchen hood systems that require 2” deep filters.

Easy to Install and Easy to Maintain

Grease Lock filters are super easy to install. Most installations take less than only 20 minutes. But what really sets this system apart is how easy it is maintain. Even though this grease filter system is multi-staged, the different components do not have to be separated for normal disposal and maintenance. When it’s time to change out your Grease Lock filter pad, you simply remove the old one and either compost it or dispose of it into your regular trash and then replace it with a new filter pad. That’s it! You’re done in just a few minutes. No overnight soaking, no harsh cleaning chemicals, no labor-intensive work. Grease Lock has even designed a handy, light weight hood filter mounting tool that makes pre-filter assembly removal and replacement even easier.

Benefits of the Grease Lock Filter System

The first benefit you’ll likely notice to using Grease Lock hood filters is that you won’t have to remove and clean your hood filters. That’s because the Grease Lock filter captures up to 6x the weight of grease compared to standard baffle grease filters. You’ll also find that the frequency of cleaning is drastically reduced for your vent hood, grease ducts, upblast exhaust fan, and your rooftop! Some users that were getting their exhaust systems cleaned every 6 months end up only needing a cleaning once every year. Some facilities may find they can go as much as 18 months or more before having their systems professionally cleaned!

By greatly reducing effluent grease near important hood components, the Grease Lock filter even helps protect the integrity of your fire suppression system as well as helps keep surfaces around your cooktop and in your kitchen cleaner and free of build-up. With Grease Lock filters in place, some users have also found that they no longer need to use expensive downstream air purification system.

Unlike in standard baffle grease filters, the specially designed fibers of the Grease Lock filter won’t get clogged with grease. The airflow through the Grease Lock filter stays consistent even as it captures and contains grease, allowing your exhaust hood and upblast exhaust fan to continue operating both effectively and efficiently.

- Improve fire safety
- Reduce demands for cleaning
- Extend the life of your roof by reducing grease run-off from your exhaust fan
- Cleaner vent hood, grease ducts, and exhaust fans
- Save time on labor costs
- No harsh cleaning chemicals
- 100% biodegradable from renewable resources
- Maximizes airflow

Hood Filter Code Compliance

When considering a new commercial kitchen hood filter, you might be concerned with whether or not the product is safe. Grease Lock filters are not only safe, they are are tested, compliant and/or approved by:

- NFPA 96 /IFC
- ETL & UL Listed
- UL 1046/ULC-S649 & UL 710
- NSF 2/ANSI 51
- IMC / UM / ICC

All this, and the Grease Lock filter system installs in just minutes. Plus, it is super easy to maintain and keep clean. If you want to stop cleaning your grease filters and spend your time on other things, the Grease Lock filter is for you. It’s completely biodegradable and can be disposed of in the regular trash bin or can even be composted. There are so many fire safety, sustainability, cost-efficiency, and time-saving benefits to using Grease Lock disposable grease filters!