Hood Cleaning Accessories

  • Plastic Sheeting

    Plastic Sheeting
    • Clear plastic sheeting for commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning
    • Available in light and medium-duty, 1.5 mil to 4mil weight
  • Magnets

    • Heavy duty, super strength magnet set for commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning
    • 2 magnets per set
  • Poly Wash Pads

    Poly Wash Pads
    • Eliminate messes
    • Economical
    • Helps protect environment
  • Exhaust Fan Handle

    Exhaust Fan Handle
    • Safer way to lift, close and access fan interiors
    • Improves cleaning and fire inspection process
    • Prevents damage to the fan bowl and seals
  • Floor Dryers

    Floor Dryers
    • Floor and Carpet Dryers
    • Also great for crawl spaces, under counters, inside cabinets, bathrooms and more
  • Personal Protective Gear

    Personal Protective Gear
    • Gloves & Safety Glasses
    • Protective Suits
    • Respirators & Masks