Hi-Capacity Grease Gutter

High Capacity Grease Gutter - Rooftop Grease Protection System. For high volume applications.

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Hi-Capacity Grease Gutter

  • Hi-Capacity Grease Gutter
  • Hi-Capacity Grease Gutter
  • Hi-Capacity Grease Gutter
  • Hi-Capacity Grease Gutter
  • Hi-Capacity Grease Gutter

Hi-Capacity Grease Gutter

The Grease Gutter High Capacity System is designed for use in high volume / high grease discharge applications.

This item is the perfect solution for high discharge fans where four-sided protection is needed. The High Capacity Grease Gutter will accommodate the higher volume of grease produced by char broiling and heavily used fryers. It has a compact design with an 8" trough and is made from the same durable polymers as the original Grease Gutter.

The High Capacity Grease Gutter uses a simple combination of efficient grease absorbing pads to suit high discharge applications without fail. The additional capacity will also decrease the frequency of filter changes.

  • Comes in four 36" lengths that can cover about 40" since the corners slide in and out
  • Custom sizing is available with lengths up to 12 feet.  Please call for pricing.
  • Durable 8" trough
  • Reduces Fire Risk and Rooftop Damage
  • Protects the Environment
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with UL Approved Materials
  • Easy to Replace, One Piece Absorbant Grease Filter (Grease Boom)
  • Mounts Off of the Roof to Avoid Hidden Contact Damage
  • Compact Design Doesn't Interfere with Service Providers
  • Economical to Purchase and Maintain
  • Includes 1 (one) fill more boom

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1. Will this fit my fan?

The HI-Capacity Grease Gutter comes in four 36" side pieces that can cover about 40" since the corners slide in and out. The sides can also be cut shorter to fit smaller fans. Sides can also be custom made with lengths up to 12 feet. Please call for pricing.

2.Does it come with the pad that goes under the fan like in the photo?

No, the pad is not available.

3. How is it installed?

Click here to see the installation guide or click this link to see a step by step video.

4. Can I cut the sides to be shorter?

Yes, you can use heavy sheets to cut the sides and make them a shorter length.

5. Can I order a larger size?

Yes, the sides can be customized up to 12 feet. Please contact our customer service department for a quote.

6. How long before the boom has to be changed?

Since every kitchen is different there is no way to determine how often the boom will need to be changed. Contributing factors are what you cook, how often you cook, what you cook with, and how often your hood system is cleaned. Making sure to get regular hood cleanings and keeping your filters clean will in turn result in less grease escaping to the fan and less grease. The less grease you have to be drained, the longer the boom will last.

7. Can I order replacement booms?

Yes, we do carry the replacement booms and they can be ordered here.