Become a Reseller and You Can Be On Your Way to More Sales, More Cash, and More Customers...

Imagine being able to sell a huge inventory of hood filters and hood exhaust supplies with no investment and no operational headaches.

That's just one of the reasons why our Reseller Program has been so popular among hood cleaners and other restaurant service companies. In fact, you don't have to spend a single dime on inventory, storage or delivery. We do it all so you can focus on marketing your business and taking care of your customers.


Here are some highlights of the program…

  • No Application or Set Up Fee - We'll have you ready to go in 24 hours
  • No Inventory to Carry - Just place orders through our website & we do it all 
  • Immediate Discount - You get a standard discount on every order (no minimum required)
    PLUS a larger discount on volume purchases
  • Flexible Pricing - Set your own prices and bill your customers however you want
  • No Product Handling - We will "blind ship" directly to your customer
  • Easy Online Ordering - Place your orders anytime you want, 24/7
  • Fast Shipping - Orders are shipped within 24 hours (or next business day)
  • Repeat Revenue - Hood filters must be changed 2-3 times a year. That means easy repeat
    sales for you.

The Bottom Line... our products will give you the tools to be a more valuable partner to your customers. By offering these services, you'll quickly become the first place your customers call for all their hood exhaust needs.

Imagine the Opportunities…

You not only get to sell a full line of hood filters and hood exhaust supplies - you can package them and offer turn-key, full-service "solutions" for your customers.
Here's a sample of the services you can offer your customers:
Hood Filter Replacement Program - replace your customer's dirty filters after every hood cleaning. Now they don't have to mess with it because you automatically do it for them. This means repeat business for you and convenience for them.

Fan Belt Replacement Program - exhaust hood fan belts need to be replaced at least once a year. Many suggest replacing the fan belt after each hood cleaning. Now, your customers don't have to wait until the fan belt breaks (and it's too late) to replace it.

Rooftop Grease Containment Systems - if you are already there cleaning their hood, you might as well give them a solution to stop hood fan grease discharge…and protect them from roof damage, fire hazards, environmental hazards, code violations and fines.

Grease Filter and Grease Pillow Replacement Program - Every grease containment system requires a "pillow" or "diaper" to soak up the grease. These need to be changed on a regular basis and can be added to your list of maintenance services.

Replacement Hood System Parts and Accessories - Before every cleaning, you can give them an updated list of the hood system parts and accessories you have available. You can even make a monthly flyer with a featured item such as a hood filter lifting tool or a hood filter soak cart.
Here's the only catch…you do have to qualify to be a reseller. We need to verify that you are a legitimate company that sells products or services to restaurants and that your service area does not conflict with any existing sales arrangements.
It's simple - just complete the sign up form and you'll receive your Reseller Discount Code within minutes. You're free to use your discount while we review your company information and confirm that you qualify.