HoodFilters.com Releases a Valuable Resource for Restaurants and Kitchen Exhaust Service Providers


HoodFilters.com is a leading supplier of commercial kitchen exhaust products including hood filters, parts, accessories, rooftop grease containment systems, and hood cleaning supplies.

Originating in a restaurant kitchen in 2005, food service operators and restaurant service providers throughout North America now turn to HoodFilters.com for kitchen exhaust needs.

After years of experience in commercial hood filters —including exhaust hood filters— HoodFilters.com has amassed a pool of insider product information, and has compiled an extensive Hood Filter Buying Guide centered around their core product line.

The Hood Filter Buying Guide is the most comprehensive resource available to learn anything and everything about commercial kitchen hood filters.

The Hood Filter Buying Guide category includes:

  • A Hood Filter Sizing Calculator
  • Hood Filter Measurement Charts
  • How to use hood filter spacers vs. custom hood filters
  • When to replace hood filters
  • How to choose the right type of hood filter
  • How to clean your hood filters
  • How to install hood filters
  • NFPA 96 fire codes for hood grease filters

Do you have questions about commercial hood filters? This is the place to get answers. The Hood Filter Buying Guide has been developed from years of experience and customer feedback, and provides hundreds of answers to commonly asked questions in the form of PDF’s, video demos, product photos, easy-to-read instructional graphs, and pictorial charts.

Two of the most common questions HoodFilters.com receives are:

  • How do I measure my hood filters?, and
  • How many hood filters do I need?

The Hood Filter Sizing Calculator is an easy and functional tool that can accurately answer these questions, and help you determine the size and quantity of filters needed.

In addition to the Hood Filter Buying Guide, HoodFilters.com’s website and social media pages are updated daily with helpful tools and tricks of the trade, including How-To resource videos from their YouTube Channel, operation and management tips, safety guides, and alerts to promotions and discounts.

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About HoodFilters.com: 

HoodFilters.com is the Hood Supply Super Store offering foodservice operations and service providers a one-stop-source for commercial kitchen hood exhaust products.  HoodFilters.com customers enjoy expert customer service, superior selection, no-hassle returns, and the security of the industry’s only 150% lowest price guarantee.





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