Kitchen exhaust hood and duct cleaning is faster and easier when you have the right equipment. Some of the most essential tools for hood cleaners are scrapers and blades. Not only are they the quickest way to get rid of accumulated grease buildup, they also help ensure that you have direct cleaning access to the entire system.

Kitchens with solid fuel cooking appliance are actually required by NFPA 96 fire codes to scrape clean the combustion chamber to its original surface at least once per week. But no matter what kind of cooking is done, a commercial kitchen exhaust system will eventually accumulate a dangerous amount of grease. And unless it is properly scraped and cleaned, it will eventually become a fire hazard.

With all steel construction and a durable comfort grip, our 4″ Heavy Duty Scraper can tackle the toughest hood cleaning jobs. It is available in a 13″ or 18″ length, features a steel end cap, and includes one heavy duty blade. Continue reading

Flame Gard Type II Hood Filter

Safety, performance, efficiency and code compliance are all important factors when selecting a hood filter. Reduce grease buildup in your hood system and help extinguish your chances of a grease fire by choosing the Flame Gard Type II hood filter as your kitchen’s first line of defense.

Unsurpassed Performance

The Flame Gard Type II is known for its unsurpassed grease capturing, flame blocking, and air flowing performance. It is an extremely durable baffle filter that never needs replacing. It offers trouble-free operation and is UL tested and classified, NSF listed, and meets NFPA 96 requirements.

Flame Gard Type II filters are constructed of high quality solid stainless steel and weigh about twice as much as comparable filters. They provide a positive flame barrier and are designed to handle high-heat, high grease applications. The filter maintains its structural integrity even when directly exposed to flames and can withstand temperatures in excess of 2200°F. Continue reading


Exhaust hoods are an essential investment in any commercial kitchen. The needs of a commercial kitchen place high demands on a hood capable of filtering out grease, dirt and other possible contaminants.

The most effective hoods are designed to incorporate other components to further increase the efficiency of your filtering system. Among these accessories are grease cups, also known as grease trays.

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TRINE Heavy Duty Aluminum Filter Made In USA

If you are looking for a hard working, premium, American made baffle grease filter, our Heavy Duty Aluminum Baffle Grease Filters from TRINE are the perfect choice.

Not only are they the most durable aluminum baffle grease filters available on the market; they are also lightweight, affordable, and provide dependable and positive flame barrier protection. Plus, the bright and shiny finish of these attractive filters makes them a great selection for kitchens with an open design.

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A kitchen ventilation system is as important to the safety and functioning of a commercial kitchen as the cooking appliances. The ventilation system maintains a balance between air that’s removed and fresh air that’s returned to the kitchen. It also offers built-in fire suppression features, ensuring the safety of everyone and everything in the workspace.

The process of ventilating a commercial kitchen is tricky. Air has to move through ductwork swiftly and efficiently. The placement of venting equipment requires thoughtful consideration because most industrial kitchens don’t have unused space.

The purpose of any kitchen ventilation system is to remove contaminates in the air by drawing them out through an exhaust fan. After contaminates are removed from the kitchen, fresh air from outside re-circulates back inside.

Since the upblast exhaust fan draws out contaminants, another system must bring fresh air back inside. The system that replaces extracted air is called a make-up air supply unit. It sucks up fresh air from outside and brings clean air inside. These two components are the most essential parts of a commercial kitchen ventilation system.

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When it comes to cultivating a safe commercial kitchen space, everyone knows that counters must be scrubbed down and food products need to be handled properly.

But maintaining your exhaust hood system is just as important – if not more so – than almost anything else on your to-do list. The question is, how do you know when your system needs to be cleaned?

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We live in a competitive society, and healthy competition is a great motivator for business. By keeping our eye on the competition we can learn a lot, borrow a little and strive for uniqueness to find our niche.

You can learn a lot from your biggest competitor by following their marketing through their newsletter, Facebook account and online advertising. Getting to know how your competitor attracts business can help you identify ways that you can position your own company in the restaurant services industry.

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Kitchen exhaust cleaning crews have an undeniably dirty job, but given the environment in which these skilled technicians work, it’s a field that’s also rife with hazards that include everything from a dangerous slip and fall to inhaling noxious chemicals.

Here are some tips to help prevent potential accidents and injuries.

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It’s easy to overlook the exhaust hood system, a humble but incredibly important feature of your kitchen. Because it runs inconspicuously in the background, you might forget how important regular maintenance and safety inspections are for proper functionality. Without some basic risk management techniques, you could put your building, employees and customers at risk.

With this in mind, here’s more information about your exhaust system and what you need to do to keep it in good condition.

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One of the most important parts of any commercial kitchen is the fire protection system. This is, at first glance, a complex system consisting of many parts. These parts all work together to protect you, your staff and your property from the ravages of a kitchen fire.

One of the most important pieces in the entire system is a tiny element known as the fusible link. Understanding what they are, and how to clean and maintain them, is an important first step in keeping your commercial kitchen fire safe.

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