For facility managers at foodservice establishments, ensuring commercial kitchens are in compliance with state and local health regulations is a critical responsibility. A failing health inspection grade not only can halt operations, but it could potentially lead to high repair costs as well as the loss of revenue and reputation. Continue reading

OmniStandardSuperHinge3Looking for one of the best exhaust fan hinge kits on the market? The original Omni Super Hinge is a durable, versatile workhorse of a hinge that comes with a lifetime warranty.

But what is a hinge kit, and why exactly does my exhaust fan need one? If you already know and just want to hear about the Omni Super Hinge, then you can skip the next part. Otherwise, read on to learn more! Continue reading

It’s not here yet, but colder weather is right around the corner. If you own a mobile kitchen or concession truck, we’ve got a few winter tips to help you avoid potential problems with your vehicle and your food truck ventilation system. Even if you live in a climate that doesn’t allow your food truck to stay open all winter, a lot of these suggestions will still apply.


Whether you’re putting your food truck in storage until warmer weather returns, focusing on catering and indoor events, or simply changing your menu around, now is a great time to get your vehicle and your food truck ventilation system back in perfect working order. Continue reading

When purchasing an upblast fan for your commercial kitchen, there are several exhaust fan accessories you need. Some are required by law, while others make it easier and safer for personnel to access equipment for routine maintenance and cleaning.

Centrifugal Upblast Exhaust FanExhaust Fan Accessories Required By Law

When installing a rooftop ventilator, you should familiarize yourself with the National Fire Protection Association’s fire code (NFPA 96) and check your local regulations.

The NFPA 96 fire codes require all commercial kitchens install a grease box, hinge kit, and access panel on all upblast exhaust fans.

Exhaust Fan Grease Box
The grease box is installed under the downspout on your exhaust fan. The grease box captures fats, grease, and oil run off from the fan. It is required because it is important to keep grease off of your rooftop. Continue reading

exhaust fan access panels

What is a Flame Gard exhaust fan access panel and why should you install one? Exhaust fan access panels play a crucial role in keeping your commercial kitchen ventilation system properly cleaned and maintained.

Exhaust fan clean out access ports help you access concealed and hard to reach areas of your fan. Plus, they are required by the National Fire Protection Association. Flame Gard access panels aren’t just an affordable way to comply, they are super easy to install. Continue reading

Franklin Hinged Hood Filter
There are many types of commercial kitchen exhaust hood filters designed to do pretty much the same job, but one of the most unique styles we carry is the Franklin hinged hood filter.

Like other baffle grease filters, the Franklin hinged filter will help keep your duct work from getting clogged with grease and residue, reduce your fire hazard, and provide you with cleaner air. But what sets this hood filter apart from other baffle grease filters? Let’s find out. Continue reading

make up air supply unit
Your vent hood and exhaust fan are in place and now you’re ready to install your make-up air fan. If you’ve purchased our economy make-up air fan, here is what you need to know about correctly setting it up to replace your exhaust air.

Check Your Equipment

Before installing any new commercial kitchen equipment, you should always closely inspect the equipment both inside and out. Also confirm that all accessory items are damage free and accounted for. Continue reading

Roof Curb for Roof Mounted Exhaust Fan
Exhaust fan roof curbs may be little more than a simple metal box, but the function they serve is a very important part of your commercial kitchen upblast fan system.

You see, without a roof curb, there would be no way to securely attach your fan to the rooftop. Another primary function of a roof curb is weatherproofing and protecting the interior of your exhaust system from the elements. Continue reading

Kleen Gard Stainless Steel Hood FilterKleen Gard stainless steel hood filters are one of our most popular and long lasting filters. And now, with free express shipping*, you’ll receive your order of Kleen Gard filters in only three business days or less!

Sometimes free shipping just means you’re paying a higher price for the item ― but not at Not only do these hood filters ship fast and free, they come with our 150% lowest price guarantee. Plus, there’s no minimum order and no promotional code. That means your order for Kleen Gard stainless steel hood filters will always qualify for free express shipping. Continue reading

Make Up Air Supply UnitMakeup air units provide many benefits to commercial kitchens including a more comfortable environment. This helps keep both customers and employees happy. Let’s take a closer look at how makeup air units do this.

What is a commercial kitchen makeup air supply unit?

Most restaurant owners and commercial kitchen personnel focus on what type of commercial kitchen ventilation equipment they will need to remove smoke, grease, and contaminated air. But they don’t always consider how they will replace the air they are removing. Continue reading